Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looking for spring

looking for signs

and then suddenly it spring into your face!

I am really enjoying the change of the seasons at the moment. What are you enjoying?


Anairam said...

Oh, I have been looking for spring too - and I think this morning I saw it peek out from behind the clouds! (PS The Jennifer New book is really great - I love to see what other people do in their journals! The book is divided in four parts - Observation, Reflection, Exploration and Creation and showcases the work of more then 30 creatives. PPS Hmmm, the dvd I watched is a documentary on Darwin - called Darwin's Dangerous Idea - on how evolutionary theory changed the world, how people interpreted and sometimes mis-used his theory, very informative ... also watched a movie called White Wedding - a sweet South African movie with a warm heart. I am a bit of a movie junkie - will sometimes go to a movie in the morning, and then still watch 2 DVDs at night. Decadent and hedonistic!)

Cindy said...

i'm going to be enjoying your photos of spring. it's a beautiful day today!


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