Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frustrations, Ranting and smiles


This photo makes me smile! I feel it sums up all that I love about the oaks in autumn...

Thought I should start with something positive, since honestly I had such a frustrating day. NOTHING worked out somehow.
As you can see on my water colour today:

rainy day

I really hated it, since I actually had something different in mind, but made tons of things wrong. Contemplated to rip it out, but then I decided to leave it.
As a reminder!  There are bad days!
So I just threw on a cardigan and ran off in to the park. I decided that I needed a break, from this frustrating day. As I walked (or more marched) through the gardens I watched the leaves dance in the unusually warm winds, the squirrels obsesivly digging and running around, the birds fly... it dawn on me, maybe its ME! not the universe?
I woke up after way to little and restless sleep. And felt on edge and restless all day! I just was in a bad mood and simply in a bad state. Arriving to this conclusion didn't make me feel better, but I felt at least at peace with the world.
So when O arrived home the first thing he heard was: I am in a bad mood! Me, too! was the reply. We then went quietly to get some groceries for dinner, and he bought me a cookbook. I cooked langustines in a herb, garlic reduction with aioli and salad. And now I feel all right.

O's reaction to the painting by the way -OHHH this is really great, i think its my favourite! (but then he is biased) - which made me look at it again and even though it's not how I wanted it, I guess it's ok enough to get posted.

I am just glad this day is soon over, hopefully it will be followed by a better one
good night!


Cindy said...

i'm sorry you had a bad day, but the painting is terrific! i'm not just saying that, either. the form is wonderful, the legs, scarf, boots. the colors are great. you're on to something with the watercolor painting. i do it myself and it's not easy.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the painting! Isn't it funny how we are our own worst critics. Nobody who sees what you have made has any idea about what you thought you wanted it to look like so, unlike you, they just see what it actually does look like. And it looks great!


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