Monday, June 1, 2009

Review of my Week


Review of my Week

This was a week full of rain, wool, knitting, lots of delicious food, beaking norms, patients and bugs.

O and apple's bug: O was ill at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week my computer crashed, i think he caught a virus. (hence my absence of the blogworld- after taking the whole thing appart and trying everything i could think off, I decided it must be a virus and will hand it over to the mac people today. O is kindly letting me us his old mac for a bit)

Knitting bug: I finsihed the socks (will tell details at a later time) and was wearing them, they are like walking on soft warm clouds! Which led me to buy more sock yarn and also bought some DK yarn to make a shawl.

Cooking bug: Been cooking and baking up a storm. I am really into very elaborate and delicious (if i may say so myself) 3 course dinners at the moment. Planning on making preserved lemons, now that its season has started...

After a very slow week and a very sociable weekend I am itching to get tons of things done. Starting with a Autumn Clean Up!

And You? What are your plans for this week?


avant garde design said...

hi! glad those sock you made are so comfy! i'm working on getting my shop spruced up with some lettering in the store window, ordering some fresh new flavors for the cake stands, washing my car (which has layers upon layers of salt and dirt now on it), and have been thinking of finishing a vintage bureau that i started restoring (last summer). i love restoring old antique pieces of furniture. happy monday!

Cindy said...

i'm amazed you actually took your computer a part! hope you all feel better, soon, like now! you really are knitting up a storm. the socks sound lovely.

Valentina Harper said...

We had tons of rain last week, and looks like the same for this one!
I'm planning to do A LOT of artwork this week. Fun ~ Fun ~ Fun!
Happy week!

Anonymous said...

Dinner at yours sounds like something pretty special!


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