Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ravelry update

It's finished! My sleeveless Cardigan. My first Cardigan ever!


Sleevles Vest

I used two yarns: Sublime Grey and Adele Stone. Adele is a local yarn. I love using local yarns, it feels like someone put as much care into the wool as I do into knitting it. The colours remind me of doves. Hence I named it Dove

Sleevles Vest Sleevles Vest

I made a biggish shawl collar. The collar was done over twice. But honestly I would liked it a wee bit different, can't put my finger on what though. All in all I love the colours and am sure I will make a lot use of it. Sleeveless vests are super practical for Cape Winters.

Sleevles Vest

At the Craft meeting R. was knitting gorgeous sock with an amazing yarn. I naturally asked where she had it from. She not only informed me that she had it from Orion, she also told me that it was hand dyed and that only one ball of each exists.
On Thursday while going to pickup some more yarn for my cardigan at Orion, I remembered that. And as I asked Roger if he had any of that amazing yarn. He did not only have it, it just was brought in by Carle. It was really great to meet her! She gave me tips on how to use the yarn. I was a good girl and finish the Cardigan first, before casting on. After hours of browsing Ravelry I chose the Fawkes pattern. I do have to admit,that I was quite nervous about knitting socks- all the turning heels and grafting business made me weary. Then only pair of sock i ever made was in school, when I was eleven...an eternity ago!
Will leave you with a couple of photos of the progress:

Pattern forming Socks

And isn't the yarn just so yummy?

Carle's Sockwool


Cindy said...

wow, i'm so impressed that you made that sweater. it's wonderful. i love the colors of the yarn, too. the last one is really pretty.

blue moss said...

ohhh congrats! what an accomplishment
love it and love the yarn

aimee said...

yay - way to go!!!

strikk handknits said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! well done ;-) love the wool. i must have a look for some adele wool, sounds interesting.

avant garde design said...

again, you are sooo talented! isn't knitting so relaxing? i have dabbled in knitting, but nothing like what you create. i could only go in a straight line (scarves) and things like that. but what i loved was how relaxing it was. oh, and going into shops and little boutiques that carry yarns, i could look at them forever. they are like little works of art! happy weekend and so happy you received your card in the mail. :)

t does wool said...

oh...how beautiful...love it.

Jesse said...

Congratulations! It looks amazing. Now we have to beg you to write up the pattern ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the cardigan! It looks great, and I love the variegated/plain yarn combination! And you made a ton of changes to the pattern - very impressive.


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