Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Seasons like all circles of life have always fascinated me. I guess because anything surrounding us has circles and changes continuously. Certainly a little of my scientific curiosity is involved in it. Or maybe this is the reason I actually became a scientist. Watching life change, evolve and move in cycles is very captivating. It's astounding and truly inspiring! The miracle of life and everything surrounding us is an amazing and beautiful thing.
During my long schooling I learnt to explain how the changes happen and what influence circumstances have . But honestly, as much as it was really interesting to know that there are seasons because, the earth is on a tilt, I still love to watch the subtle magic around us and rejoice very time I see them.
Watching and observing my surrounding, discovering new details makes me marvel on the beauty and never ending variety around me. I hope that one day I will find wisdom in it, something deeper, more meaningful than what science has offered me. But for now I am happy just to watch, let the beauty, details and changes drizzle over me, soak it all in and then discover what some wonderful people have discovered doing the same. And just marvel, rejoice, be inspired and be amazed!

Later on remember again...

and hope that there is a little wisdom in that.


avant garde design said...

i, like you, enjoy watching the same space in different seasons. i used to photograph the doorway of this fabulously old home with an arched, vine covered walkway leading up to it, in all seasons and light. it always looked so different. with a slightly different feel. very fun! i love your thinking :)

aimee said...

i didn't realize you were a scientist! combined with your art - what a wonderful combination. and those south african skies! could you send some here, please? :)

strikk handknits said...

are you a student of semiotics? ;-)
i like what you say about watching surroundings - we forget to do that sometimes in our busy lives......

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely seeing the same spot over the different seasons. Like you, I take great pleasure in watching the year wax and wane.


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