Monday, June 22, 2009

Review of last couple of Week

Review of 2 Weeks

It seems so short but also so long!

A trip to Durban made the sneaking up winter bearable. Durban was so lush, it was a time of amazing food, beautiful beaches, swimming, lots of laughter and the best female company!

The thing I have been noticing after my return to the Cape, at first the difference of colours between Durban and here. Then I discovered the difference of the light. I also realised that I don't take lots of photos when I am with others, since it is a oddly private activity for me. I wish I would have taken more now, and wonder if i could have captured the subtle differences between this two beautiful cities.

Before that I was sorting out lots, and since my return doing the same. Since Friday I had lots of social engagement, being invited to dinner and luncheons everyday. There was a craft meeting on Saturday, which I missed due to an invite.

Today I finally felt like I am back to normal.
 And oddly it was quite reassuring....

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Cindy said...

your photos are so vibrant. i especially love those of the monkeys. have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - sounds like a great trip!

aimee said...

you've been really busy - in a good way! thanks for bringing us up to date - this is a beautiful photo mosaic. love the one of the woman in the bandanna.


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