Friday, June 19, 2009



Winter seems the time to visit Durban. The weather is mild, sunny and the Ocean warm enough for swimming. A few of my Girlfriends and I had last week decided to fly down there. It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered!


After the seemingly never ending rains in Cape Town, the sunshine in Durban was like being freed from a hundred years in prison. So long walks on the beach, swimming, lots of eating and even more laughing were on the menu.

Bird of Paradise

It was the first time I went there... but certainly not the last. The rolling green hills, the tropical surroundings and the people have captured my heart.
I have to admit I didn't make too much use of the camera, which I now regret.
But I manage to take a few photos....

Monkey on fast food

I was looking for monkeys the entire time there, they seemed to be in hiding, until the last day, when they finally came to say hello to me!

Light house

We got to do tons of things, actually everything I wanted to do except visiting the botanical gardens and the fish market.
So Durban keep a look out- I will be back!!


strikk handknits said...

aah - good ole durbs by the sea. looks fantastic and hope you had a wonderful time. you've taken some lovely pics (as always...) x

Cindy said...

it looks wonderful ... please send some sunshine our way. happy weekened!

avant garde design said...

i feel your rain pain. we've had nothing but gray skies and rain for the month of june so far. everyone is dying for summer since our winter was also long and super icy and snowy. so it cannot come soon enough. love those photos you took on your trip. that beach! i would run into that ocean with no looking back :) happy weekend!


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