Monday, May 25, 2009

Review of my week

Review of my week 21

The week was often grey, lots of narjees (mandarins) and soup was consumed. I feel like it was productive. OK- maybe that's a wee bit exaggerated, certainly I was more productive than the previous weeks of terror.
Monday: was Jewellery day. Finished the neckless I had started on Sunday.
Tuesday: Z.D. came for coffee&homemade-fresh-cake-morning. Was such a treat we haven't had a long chat for ages! The coffee with Zay later sealed the day as the coffe &chat-day of the week! 
Wednesday: I wasn't so well again. And looking at the previous coffee-laden day; my tummy can't stomach that yet (literally). So I took it slow, did some research for next weeks Jewellery days, took photos and knitted.
Thursday: Breakfast with O at Manna.( which reminds me, I should make a post about it!),went to Orion to buy more wool( where I met Carle), housework and Dinner at Uitzigt with friends
Friday: met R. for a knit book swap at the Rhubarb Room, Lunch with friends and series on dvd night
Saturday: was my day in (fellt ill again),  I finished my vest- posting about it later
Sunday we were invited for a Mogul lunch, started a new knitting project

Looking at my mosaic I noticed that the wool I bought on Thursday matches the colours of my week! (taking away the bright orange from mandarins and bright green banana leaves that is) Well I guess I had a blue-grey week.
Enjoy your day!

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