Friday, May 22, 2009

I heart...

I heart...

May I introduce? My on-going collection:

I heart... 

The name is inspired by the Traci's Monday posts and equally by Heather's Sequenced Hearts, two amazing and inspiring Artists.
As I mentioned yesterday it will comprise of pieces of different inspirations. No specific numbers no pressure, just what I heart at that moment, any Idea turned into jewellery.

I started a book with sketches, photos and little treasures. They are loose papers bound together by metal rings I got in Switzerland last time I was there. Since they can be opened and closed, I can add as pages as they come up...

The inspiration for my first piece:

Langebaan Lagoon
The Langebaan Lagoon on Westcoast

And the bijoux:

I heart.... Langebaan Lagoon
Hand forged, hand milled Sterling silver, Moonstone, Amazonite, Quartz, Agate and Swarovski Cristal Neckless with leather back.
I heart.... Langebaan Lagoon

The different pieces have been finished in different treatments: sateen mat, high shine and black oxidised.

I heart.... Langebaan Lagoon
Some Details
I heart.... Langebaan Lagoon

Not sure about a name yet. Any Ideas?

Will be back here soon, tell you about my knitting progress...
Off to Bed its rather late, sleep well!


Jhoanna Herrera said...

Beautiful sketches, I love that bluey green stone. Have a lovely weekend

Cindy said...

it's nice to read about your process. the necklace is lovely.

avant garde design said...

i'm really drawn to that necklace, so pretty with all of those organic shapes...circles, ovals, reminds me of a necklace i have all made from sea glass. my best friend in finland gave it to me. makes me happy. enjoy your weekend my far away friend on the other cape!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Asiye, it's stunning! I love seeing it with the photo that inspired it - just gorgeous. Your sketches are beautiful too - I'd love to see some of them close up...

aimee said...

i love heather's work, too - and i'm lucky enough to see her around town once in a while. love your bijoux - nice job!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Nice Work!
And yes your sketches looks fantastic.
You are very talented!!


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