Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Haydn or Beethoven? - Collette!!

Sun on tips

During the few stormy weeks, that cast their shadows over me, I had besides being miserable plenty of time to reflect. One of the things I pondered about was my creative work and my system- or better the lack of it. Remember my thoughts on it earlier? I really appreciated your comments.Thank you again!
I found that one of the biggest challenges in this was actually voicing my dilemmas. I didn't want to complain but I did have several physical obstacles- after making a mental list of the problems I faced, I put solutions to each one of them. I got to say my biggest obstacle is the fact that I don't have a studio space. Jewellery can't be done on the kitchen counter for a long stretch. But I came to the conclusion: it wasn't what blocked me! It was huge mental block. a huge list of obstacles , starting with " I am just not good at it" ending with no huge inspiration, many small ideas but not anything that could make a collection. What to do?
After some more reflection is suddenly remembered reading this quote on the net. 

It's not who you are that holds you back,
its who you think you're not

I can't remember where I read it. If it was on your blog- THANK YOU! (Who actually said it?)
I have since tried to forget about what I think i am not, and been able to ignore my nagging self doubts. I have been concentrating on what I want to be.
Going back on my initial Haydn or Beethoven take. I am certainly a Beethoven. But not being able to work makes me miserable and rather unfulfilled. So I decided to take a Collette approach. Collette did write most days. Her first husband had actually instilled that practice (he even locked her into her room to write!). If she didn't have huge inspirations she kept writing, some of her published works are more like dairies than novels. I love and admire Collette's works and decided to take a queue from this wise woman. 
And that's my solution: I will work on single pieces two full days a week. I have reshuffled my week and found two days where my apartment will be a studio space. O is OK about it, he will only be in it for one evening. All of these pieces will be part of an ongoing collection, whatever inspires me will be translated in to jewellery even if it is only one piece. 
I even got a name for it... and I have finished my first piece, will tell you about that tomorrow.
a sneak preview:

I heart...

And if inspiration hits? Even better I will enjoy my new obsession and totally indulge in it!

What inspires you at the moment?


Jhoanna Herrera said...

I must say I can identify 100% with how you feel. I am in a similar situation and feel completely useless and lack creativity (always been an issue). You have really made me think about trying to not get so frustated with what I can't do and just relax a little and I guess enjoy what I can do.

Jesse said...

Just reading that quote made my head feel lighter! I'm glad you've found a solution; I hope you get loads done.

Anonymous said...

I have this speech pinned up above my desk. When I am full of self-doubt it reminds me not to be afraid:


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