Sunday, March 15, 2009

Review of a week


Review of my week 11

Another hot week has passed and autumn becomes more and more visible everywhere. Being worried that the heat won't hold on for much long, I dived into summer living, and completely indulged in the pleasures of beach and pool life. To my absolute astonishment I saw whales in the Atlantic ocean, a nice ans welcome surprise.
On Tuesday I went to the Clay Cafe ( I couldn't wait till thursday), looks like my cc-day has shifted. 
Wednesday was a complete and utter scorcher of a day, so I spent hours swimming, watch the sun set and the stars come out while floating in the water, felt like a child, and was in total bliss.
At the end of the week we took a ride up the Westcoast, and I was invigorated and inspired. The Westcoast is on of my favorite places in the Wester Cape.
Honestly it feels like I had a lovely summerholiday, eventhough I only left the city for a day.

These are the winners of my snailmail give away:

Caffeine Fairy

Will get onto card buying and mailing as soon as I have your postal adresses.
enjoy the rest of your sunday


Charlotte Tollstén said...

Cool! Im a happy girl!!
My adress:
Dahlströmsgatan 22
414 65 Gothenburg

Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds like such an idyllic week! Your photos are lovely too.

Cindy said...

i know i'm a broken record, but i love your weekly reviews.

please sir said...

So amazing and yay thanks for the win!! Will be e-mailing you shortly!


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