Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ode to the Westcoast

After sitting here for ages milling over what I would like to tell you about the Westcoast, and how I could describe my love for it, I just admit defeat!
I simply adore it!

I love the breath taking setting

its wild life

its muted colours

its specks of bright colours, where least expected

its shapes

and how I feel after I have been there!

(More photos here)


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! Those photos are gorgeous.

aimee said...

this looks totally different from our west coast! wow. you live in some sort of magical fairytale place, i'm convinced.

Anonymous said...

I loved trips up to Langabaan - the colours, the sounds - you've managed to capture them in your photos.

It was always a highlight for me - the trip to see the Namaqualand daisies, Yserfontein and Langabaan. Such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

i agree with aimee ... you have such wide expanses of land unlike the rest of us. big sky!


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