Monday, March 30, 2009

Escape to another world


Just as I arrived at the clay cafe my cell phone bleeped. A message from Z :" What you doing?"
I told her I had just arrived at the clay cafe, asked if she wanted to join. Another bleep: " Actually, I wanted to go to Stellenbosch."
Cool I thought packed everything away and drove back to the city, my other wise relaxing drive was hastened. It wasn't exactly early.


Z fetch me at 3ish and we arrived at about quarter to four. At that point all seemed normal, except that we both are a bit mad to go this late to Stellenbosh. Most shops close around 5, and the trip was supposed to be a research trip to find cool shops where Z could get new distributors for her fabulous shoes.

Suddenly we realised how different it was, how different it felt

We sort of forgot the mission and just drifted from one to the next amazing shop


Discovering beautiful details everywhere


Roaming through the streets of this little town, even though the shops had closed


We felt like we were far far away from home


in a different world, maybe magical


and stayed until well after sun set


on our trip home we both felt like we were returning from a long holiday and agreed to do this again very soon
(but next time maybe leave a wee bit earlier)


Cindy said...

your trip looks wonderful. sometimes, it's more interesting to visit a place once the shops are closed. so quiet and you notice things you might not if you were shopping. lovely photos.

aimee said...

how fabulous that you took that trip so spontaneously! those are my favorite kinds of travels. what a gorgeous town!

stephanie levy said...

Your trips always sound so magical. South Africa must be just an amazing place.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

you make me wan to travel away from this early cold spring.

Charlotte Tollstén said...

I got your postcard the other day, thanks!!
I dont get postcards very often, so It was so nice to get one. These days people send emails instead I guess.....

Lovely photos

Take care

Anonymous said...

Gosh, it looks so beautiful! Got a bit distracted by your lovely shoes though... ;)


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