Sunday, March 29, 2009

Review of a week


Review of my week 13

NOT much has happened in the last two weeks, I have been either ill or off gallivanting...

Tuesday: Clay Cafe Afternoon- I finally finished my Tagine (it took me over 4 whole days!) (was not well in the morning)

Monday: Went to Stellenbosch with Z, at 3 in the afternoon. Which is a bit mad, but I needed to get out and we had a wonderful time and both felt like we had a holiday somewhere far far away (Stellenbosch is 40min drive from CT)

Thursday: I started a pilatus-class. I wanted to this for ages and am really happy i finally just did it. I have to admit, that my being sort of half sick didn't make it as enjoyable as hoped. And I was shattered for the rest of the day...

Well the rest of the week i spent more or less being sick. I just don't seem to be able shacking this thing. So I decided to ignore it and eat lots of chicken soup.

I got a few things lined up this week: I will tell you about the trip to Stelli; Report about my knitting, crochet, the craft meeting and some of the fabulous ladies I met there; Share an inspiration that came to me looking at the beauty of autumn, and then I would like to look at different sites, like twitter and flicker, and discuss them with you...
Oh yes and soon it is April! I will do give-aways in April, why and what and how later this week

Well an early review of my week (because today I will be at home resting and hopefully finally get well)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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