Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ravelry update


Finally I managed to go to the Craftmeeting in the Readers Lounge, a wonderful little bookshop in Cape Town, just up the road from the Parliament.
I can't believe it took me nearly ten months to manage to actually attend one of these meetings! Well, to be honest, at first I was all excited and really wanted to go, but was busy. As time went on, I found it harder and harder to bring myself to go. I really was chicken! Hahah, very unlike me, just not knowing anybody and not know who or what to expect seemed to make it tough for me to go by myself. I tried to rope in some friends, but that approach was not very successful, they seemed to have the same fears as I did and couldn't understand what my problem was, since I usually am not like that. So finally on Saturday the 22nd of March I made myself go no matter what. Having been ill most of the week, while O was on business, so I was all by myself, did help, I wanted company.
Retrospective I feel very silly! It was so nice, and the girls were really inspiring and really friendly. It was great to see what other knit or crochet and I was amazed by when I later checked out their etsy shops and blogs! I felt like a real amature but also more importantly it's really great to see other who got it together!
Check out their blogs here:

Skinny laMinx

Lost is a place too


Strikk handknits

I have been grannysquaering slowly but surely, need another 50 squares or so...three quarters are done.


Remember my Vest?
Well, I have done the back and am busy with the front now, knitting both sides simultaneously, inspired by Princess Pea, who knits both her socks in one go. Its looking not like much at the moment just strips of knit... I love the fabric the wool makes and can't wait to finish the front!


Been in Greyton the last three days, will tell you about it later in the week. If you want to get a sneak peek check out my flickr stream or The Viewing Glass as I slowly load up photos....
Enjoy the rest of your day!


aimee said...

it looks fabulous and it is ENORMOUS! how big is it?

strikk handknits said...

aha! i see your talented work, and i raise you a feature over at gorgeous, such lovely photos and so talented! x

Anonymous said...

That granny square blanket is gorgeous. Reminds me of water rippling over a shallow pond.

Anonymous said...

I love the colours in your blanket so much, it's going to be absolutely stunning! And the vest is looking great too - don't you find it feels quicker doing both at once? I'm sure it isn't, but I like how it feels!

Cindy said...

your afghan is gorgeous ... the colors remind me of the ocean!

avant garde design said...

hey, you! such beautiful creations you are featuring. are so talented, i do not have that kind of talent and I appreciate those who do. oooh...i also received your postcard yesterday in the mail! :) was such a fun surprise for me. isn't it funny how such a simple gesture can make your day? looking in your mail for a little something from me as well...from one cape to another shall we say.


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