Saturday, February 21, 2009

All you knitters out there...


I need your advise, help, fedback, whatever you can do-

Tell me:

How do I get from this:


to this?

(excuse my sketching..hope you sort of get what I want)


aimee said...

i know nothing about knitting, but that sketch is wonderful! i would love to see more of your sketches here!

Anonymous said...

Garnstudio has a similar pattern - of course you will want to adopt it to get the shawl collar, but... here's a link:
Hope it helps!

t does wool said...

beautiful you want to design your own?
or find one similar?
If you want to find something similar check out the Rowan magazine...or research on Ravelry for some vests...lovely ribbing to the waist and a ribbed collar...little capped sleeves...Debbie Bliss may have something similar.

Cathy Nichols Art said...

Your sketch is gorgeous as is your moxy for wanting to knit it into fruition! Your before and hopefully after post makes me really smile!


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