Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of a week


Review of my week 8

Another weeks just zapped by. Time is flying! We nearly at the end of February.
I wasn't well the first few days of this week. Tummy bug, stayed in and did a lot of sketching- very little blogging I am afraid to say. Am fine now and hope to be more around here.
Made marzipan for the first time in my life ever, am really pleased about it. I used it for filling in a rose and vanilla cake for tea on Wednesday
Went to clay cafe on Thursday 
On Sunday we went to Kirstenbosch Sunset Concert to listen to Carmina Burana. I will post about it a little later.
I will  post the sketches on the viewing glass


Cindy said...

sorry about the tummy bug, glad you're feeling better. your sketches look lovely.

vintage girl designs said...

hi, thank you for your feed back, i love your blog, i will work on those things, i will keep in touch...

Anonymous said...

glad that you find me, and i'm glad to find your work as well...i'm new at blogging - this is my 8th week blogging!!!!and i love it.


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