Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspiring Blogs


Artsyville is the blog of Aimee a very talented artist and mom to a bunch of cute kids,that lives in Kansas. I can't remember how I discovered it, but it has been a delight ever since.
Aimee's Art is gorgeous - she calls it doodling- And since a short while it is also for purchase it at her fabulous
The stories told on Artsyville are amusing to say the least, I often laugh while reading this wonderful blog. Through it i have been discovering snippets of Aimee's adventures life and got a glimpse of her wonderful personality. I also often found good advise reading it. Oh and let me warn you! The world of Aimee is extremly colourful and bubbly, and will draw you into its spell inevedently!

I don't feel that this tiny feature does justice to any of the blogs I recommend, and Aimee's world of Artsyville is so vast that this feels like a teeny tiny space to try and fit it into.
Honestly- go and visit her, is all I can really say!

Tell us who you are and what do you do outside the blogging world?

I'm Aimee, I don't like milk or mushrooms, and in my lifetime I've been a lifeguard, a salesperson, a buyer, a marketing analyst, a software tester, and a management consultant (a fancy term for one who earns a lot of money for creating skyscrapers of paperwork.) Right now I'm an illustrator and a parent. What's next? Who knows?

How did you start blogging?

Spontaneously! One day I just started my blog, and I thought I would be bored with it in a month. Now it's one of my favorite daily activities. It gives me a reason to create every day, and I love connecting with my fellow artists and bloggers.

What do you blog about?

Things that happen in daily life, particularly things I find funny.

What inspires you?

Ironic and bizarre stuff, color, my children, fresh art supplies, traveling, thinking about traveling, reading about traveling, hearing about traveling...pretty much anything to do with movement and change.

Over the last 6months Aimee has become a sort of a online constant companion, always encouraging me and leaving kind and sweet comments- also giving me really good advice, dare is say a frien



please sir said...

I love her too - one of my daily reads! Such talent!

aimee said...

what an honor to be featured here - thank you sweetie! :)

Cindy said...

such a lovely tribute to a wonderful gal by an equally wonderful gal!


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