Sunday, January 4, 2009

Revue of my Year

Review of my year

2008 was a year full of openings but also full of difficulty. It's summer was like summer holidays- spent on the beach and rock pools in Falsebay- which gave me the inspiration for my Waterplay collection. It reminded me of my summers as a child playing and discovering, which I did whole hearted. When Autumn came we moved into the city again- up in Tamboerskloof on the flanks of  Signalhill overlooking the ocean and the city. Summer also had made me discover photography- and autumns flowers hooked me on it..
2008 was the year where I got on my birthday a message that I got added to ravelry. Which was really exciting and so cool. The gift kept on giving because through it I found flickr and later on started blogging. So 2008 was the year I started blogging, which has been a incredible journey an inspiration and a huge opening for me. 
2008 was also the year that i was studioless. its been forever that i had no personal space to be creative- since i can think i had it. it has been a real test for me but also made me be much more ingenious and gave me a huge insensitive to still go on- and hey if i can do it without space, i will be sure to make it happen with one, isn't it?
2008 was the year in which I moved the first time in my life into an inner City Apartment, though I was initially worried- I am a country pumpkin and need to be in the nature- I truly love it. 
2008 is the year that showed me my love for South Africa and how much I am part of it.
 2008 was also the year in which I didn't manage to travel outside it's border, am so feeling like a fish on land. 
2008 is the year that has gone... 2009 is here and will hopefully bring lots of good things and many good weekly reviews.
Have a nice Weekend, x0


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2009 and look forward to seeing more of your amazing jewelery and beautiful photographs!

aimee said...

what an interesting year 2008 was for you! so much happened for you creatively this past year, and how great that you did it without a creative space. i don't think they're totally necessary. i have one tiny space, and rarely use it. usually i just go to my favorite cafe, or follow my kids around the house and make things where they are. often it's easier to do more with less.

i enjoyed getting to know you and your wonderful world last year, and i can't wait to see what your creative mind produces this year!


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