Monday, January 5, 2009

My new BFF

I am soooo excited, I can't wait, can't sit still and just had to tell someone- anyone about it. 
So I tell you because you might be interested? 
I got a new one! YES!! O bought me a new one. Would have gotten it earlier but then I suddenly wasn't sure about it all. Not if I wanted one, but which one. After going back and forth, checking out every corner of the city and even the Internet....
May I introduce?


My new camera 

She has no name yet, and her battery is being charged as we speak! can't wait to start shooting!


Anonymous said...

Ooh - lucky you, it looks amazing! I'm hoping to get a new camera for my birthday (hopehopehope!)

Anonymous said...

Great! Looking forward to see some pictures taken with your new friend ; )

Anonymous said...


Btw, I need an email address to send the needle-roll pattern.


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