Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Agapanthus and all the stages of the Blooms.
The circle of life , its seasons and the beauty in all the different stages are things I have been reflecting on a lot lately. Nature has cycles due to season and times, which is what we all see apparent around us. What fascinates me how beautiful each stage of life is. Completely different completely unique but also so connected. Isn't it beautiful how the seed carries the future flower in it? And the flower the future seed? 
I have been looking at the Agapanthus in Company Gardens for over a month... I remember the excitement when the first flower buds were stretching their heads into the sky hungry for more sun- Summer! I announced... now the first blooms have come to an end, have formed the first seed buds, many blooms are still coming up. I sit by and watch them bloom like they compete in beauty, watch each flower die down and as that happens i watch the seed form... And each little blossom, each petal, each seed , each flower make me marvel- their shapes are so beautiful. I admire their colours and discover another one each time. 
And last week in the clay cafe I noticed that they creeped their way in there too...



Caffeine Faerie said...

Hi, I found your blog through Princess Pea, and I am inspired, and a little homesick. I grew up on the shores of Table Bay, and your photos are just so incredibly beautiful. You capture the light so perfectly. It's lovely to read about goings-on in Cape Town, and I look forward to more of your amazing work.

avant garde design said...

beautiful series! love the clay too. that clay cafe sounds like a place that's right up my alley! have a great day taking photos in the sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

What fabulous photographs (as ever!) Is the plate illustration yours? It's really good.

stephanie levy said...

Aren't those flowers beautiful! I would so love to see something like that instead of the gray German sky today!

By the way, my email address is stephanielevy@web.de
Feel free to contact me anytime. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond!
Hope you are well!


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