Monday, February 2, 2009

Revue of my Week


Review of my week

This week was rather quiet- I decided to just enjoy myself. Hope that some inspiration will hit me soon...
Swam everyday, went to the Wool store and finally got some yarn to finish the throw I started last year (will update about it soon)
Went on Thursday to the Clay cafe, where ( to my shock) I discovered that the mauve and dark blue paints had been mixed up- so the pieces I painted in January are mauve. It bugs me still! But will eventually get over it... well I resolved this by not using dark blue and don't intend to ever do so again. (sulk,sulk)
Thursday evening we went to listen to Rahmanovs Piano Concerto No 2 at the City hall.
Friday was girls lunch as usual, Mariam joined us, she went to visit family in England and only just returned from there. It was nice to hear about Europe...
Friday was also the Birthday of my dear friend Rayhana. We had a girls night out to celebrate. Happy Birthday again!
Saturday and Sunday was spent with friends, coffee and good food. Am really tired actually and will be off to bed now ( early for me..)
I need to apologize I haven't comment on anybodies blogs or responded to any emails in last 3 days, somehow never got around to do so- will definitely catch up in the next couple of days.


aimee said...

i wish i could visit the clay cafe - it sounds like a fabulous place. sorry about the mauve - what a terrible color! i would be sulking too.

Anonymous said...

Really love the image of the yarn. Great composition and I love the monochromatic setting.

Damien Franco

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos!!

I have tagged you! Have a look at my latest blogpost.


Cindy said...

sounds pretty busy to me. love your photos, as always!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Stunning, glorious beautiful photos!
And you'd better be going to Newlands for the cricket! I can't wait to see what the Proteas can do to the Aussies on home soil. See if you can get one of those amazing shots of Devil's Peak at sunset as well...

Billy said...

Love the colours of the flowers and the yarn, it looks so yummy! Are you knitting something?

Do I recognize the portuguese coat of arms on your photo? Is it that "portuguese-inspired" café, the one with a magazine called "obrigado"? (oh, this is fun to recognize familiar elements in foreign locations!!!)


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