Monday, January 26, 2009

Review of a week


Revue of my Week 4

Another week passed? Wow! Time is zipping by!
I am in a bit of an odd state at the moment... In between things I suppose, not ready to start a new collection I realised, but desperately needing to. I have had a few ideas, which I dismissed last week, somehow not getting past a few ideas. I need to have a new obsession! I am busy however with designing labels and a logo- Nabeela, my super talented graphic designer friend from Rania, is helping me with it. She advised me to have a more unified look when it comes to packaging and labels - I tended to just design new ones with each collection. Saying all this: I do have an idea up my sleeve, which I will soon start working on, will tell you soon about, am busy with some research at the moment. What I can say is that I was inspired by two fellow bloggers...

So last week didn't involve much jewellery making again- but I did do my usual clay cafe Thursday, fridaygirlslunch
and I went to the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra concert- if you ever around here on a Thursday you HAVE to go, its only 10$ for a good seat, and the concerts are really good. Went twice to have cocktails and cigars at the Planet Bar, swam everyday.... and reflected allot- will tell you tomorrow about it
well I enjoyed my week actually- except for my jewellery dilemma, I am having a great summer.
How was your week? Any advise to solve my jewellery design slump?
Have a fab day

PS: I did write this post this morning, but due to some hick up in the Internet connection only am able to publish it now...


Cindy said...

your week sounds like it was productive. i love your mosaic, all of the photos are lovely. wish you could bottle up some of that warmth and send it this way ;).

blue moss said...

beautiful, beautiful photos.....
i totally get the jewelry slump...sometimes i just stareand stare at my things and get absolutely nothing done
don't know that i have a cure...i just push through and all of a sudden i can't stop :)


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