Sunday, December 7, 2008

Revue of my Week

Revue of my Week

Another hectic Week that just flew by. I cant believe we so close to the end of the year! 
Alex from Moonstiches is doing a Countdown- it's great fun and kept me smiling all week!
Went to the claycafe with some girlfriends. Love going there, its creative easygoing fun.
Spent two days looking for a dress for a function tomorrow. I ended up getting a black silk dress.
O came back (finally he was away for 6 weeks) and brought me jewellery as a gift, its perfect with the dress! Great minds think a like he told me when he saw my dress.
My camera broke midweek. I am still hoping that it can be fixed. Will find out next week. Meanwhile I miss taking photos so much that I started taking some with my phone...
When I had the photos downloaded of the chip, so I got my last photos, I remembered that I had a second chip. They downloaded the photos of that chip for me too  and I found some nice photos from Switzerland ( from June 2007).
Everything bad has something good in it!
Hope you had a good week- and an even better Weekend!


please sir said...

The photos look like a great week - get some rest and relax!

aimee said...

wow, you took these with a phone? impressive! good luck getting your camera fixed :)

avant garde design said...

gorgeous jewelry, i have been so busy setting up the shop that i haven't popped by in a few but so glad i did! do you sell your pieces on line? not sure if i saw that you did, i'd love to pick up a piece and show it off here in the states, so beautiful your pieces are :)


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