Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On my bench




I have been working away since my last post. Well, not quite Friday is Girls lunch day and I don't get much done (ok nothing is more accurate). 
But since Saturday I have been sitting on my bench making Earrings and Chains... This afternoon as I was going to take photos of my achievements, my camera died. It didn't die, it has a lens error, as the darn thing doesn't fail to inform me every 5minutes.Tomorrow I will take it to the doctor, because I not only really need my little snapshot, I actually discovered today that I really love it. Its been such a great tool for documenting my inspirations and work this entire year, it introduced me to the pleasures of photography and I can not imagine to be without a camera now!
I will leave you with these photos which were taken over the weekend... and go sulk silently!t Hopefully I'll be soon back with an update and with camera well again :)
If you feel like more photos - here are more, the evening sky was just glorious yesterday.


aimee said...

GORGEOUS! your pieces are stunning... i so hope you will open a shop online someday. i am so sorry to hear about your camera! i would feel the same way if my scanner died!

Anonymous said...

More amazing jewelery! I was also wondering if/where you sell your work?

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Very beautiful earings!!

Cindy said...

your jewelry is so lovely. very sorry about your camera, but the photos you have in revue post are beautiful!


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