Friday, December 12, 2008

BLISSFULL Inspiration




The first photo I ever saw of Traci French from Bliss

It had such a resonating effect on me, I had to find out more about the photographer through that I discovered her wonderful blog Bliss.
Traci's Photos have such amazing colours, are from such interesting angle and touch me often really deeply. Its nearly like I can smell the flower or feel the soft warm light in my face. I think I would describe them as sensual and also very feminine. 


Thanks to her I love Mondays, because it is I heart day on Bliss. Every Monday I wait in vain and am every time amazed by the gorgeous selection she comes up with.
Stephanie from Studio with a view made a interview with her a few days ago. Its a really great insight behind the photos and her amazing blog. 

my favorite dahlia

And not only is she talented, she also has a big heart- if she has donated some of her fabulous photos for a ruffle! ( I suggest you join in- you might win them!)

Traci's photos are a great inspiration to me. About ten days ago I saw the Christmas lighting in Company Gardens- never would have noticed it before, this is what I made 
Often I look at her photos and would love to make jewellery to it, or just paint it..  I definitely spend a long time looking at them. I believe that it helps me with my humble attempts of photography. Her impecable eye for style and beauty make me look around my world with new eyes and discover new beauty. 
I can't tell you how much fun it was to look at her photos to choose a few for this little tribute, I felt like a kid in a candy store- but it also was really hard to chose only this few.. there are so many increadibly beautiful photos!

i don't do this.

Thank you Mrs. French 
for being such a great inspiration and sharing your blog with us.

If you like her photos you can get them at her shop Blissfull Images.


Mrs.French said...

you are really too sweet...I am blushing...thank you my dear...I cannot tell you how flattered I am if anything I do inspires anything you do...xo t

Billy said...

I just posted a comment but then the virtual world played a trick on me. Well, it was just to thank you for such a beautiful link, Traci´s photos are really beautiful!

Have a great weekend.

aimee said...

her photos are beyond this world, so ethereal. i love her work.

please sir said...

I know - I am always loving her posts and new work!


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