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I've always been fascinated by the change of season. It was so magical to me. Each of them had its special things and secrets I would love to discover. As a child I was equally excited about the first snowdrops coming through the snow, the first ripe berries in the field, the first leaves falling and the first snowflakes dancing to the ground. It was so clear to me what brought the change of season and I used to savor to discover the first signs. I was a bit sad to learn the entire scientific explanation to it, and thought that they tried to steal my discovered magic away. Soon I reallied though, even though we all know that the reason for the change of season is the tilt of the earth and the eclipsed way it surrounds the sun... those little magic things that define for me a season are still on its own time, and they still worth discovering.
Well, after I moved to South Africa I found it really hard to find the change of seasons, here (in Cape Town at least) they not quite as obvious... we haven't had any snow for years, lots of the indigenous trees don't loose their leaves, Snowdrops blossom at the beginning of winter and there aren't berries in the fields. But there are signs of the change of season, they are just very subtle. I discovered them - and it was like being a child again, discovering magical secrets- through gardening. When we lived in the Southern Suburbs we had a huge garden, and I started a vegetable and herb garden. 
While I was walking in town a few days ago, I was reflecting about the change of seasons, and I thought that I would like to take photos from the same spot, and keep a record of the change if seasons. Suddenly I remembered that I had taken a photo of  the corner of the house I was passing... I barely could see it, which explained to me why I hadn't discovered it until the day I took the first photo. What I find the most intriguing about the two shots is the change of colours. The light in Cape Town changes so incredibly much! 
I would love to find an object and take a photo of it every month, then put them together to see the changes... will let you know if I find an object for it, your suggestions are very welcome too!

Go and check out Stephanie's shop! She is a talented artist, who lives in Germany. Her blog is one of my favorites. Last week she announced that she would now also sell artists prints in her shop, which means her amazing art is now available in extremely affordable prices. I think they would make great gifts for the season.

The photo of today is from now on at the Viewing Glass
Have a nice Weekend!


please sir said...

Lovely post and thanks for the new artist link!

Billy said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Yes, I moved to the south hemisphere but I guess that apart from having the seasons "upside down" they are pretty similar from what I had in Lisbon. We now have jacarandas in full bloom and I don´t tire myself of looking at them. Wow. Spring is beautiful!

Loved the two photos. That´s a great idea, please do photograph this corner again!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Im so happy that you stoped by at my blog so I found your blog. South Africa looks so beautiful. I justed to travel a lot when I was younger but never made it to S.A, but maby one day....

Your jewellery looks so nice. You should open a shop at DaWanda.

"See" you soon

aimee said...

moving to a place with little season change is an interesting transition. for years i lived in the north of the united states, and then i moved south to texas and arizona where the seasonal change is minimal - especially arizona. i remember swimming outside in the middle of "winter"!

just curious, where did you live before you moved to south africa?

and one more thing... i agree with charlotte! your jewelry is beautiful and i bet it would sell very well online.

Unknown said...

i am brought up in Switzerland, after i got married we moved around alot ( a bit of extendet travelling.. over 3 years) lived al over europe... london, inverness, skodra, istanbul... you name it we did it :)
thanks for the great comlimetn about the jewellery. honestly i am really tempted to try and sell online, but am a bit scared too...

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Please, dont be scared, i will hold your hand ;)

Now I have to go back to my bench, I love reading blogs to much sometimes :))


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