Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's go for a walk!

Common! Accompany me on my walk.

Crossing the Road
Let's first cross my street

National Library
Pass the National Library

Through the Gate into Company Gardens

Visit the Gummtree that reminds me of an elephant

Sit for a bit under the Shade of the Bourgainville

Be mesmerised by the Coraltree

Enjoy the Tablecloth on the Mountain


Discover Flowers and Plants

Blossoms in the Sun

Peak on Lionshead
Get a peak on Lionshead

Stroll through the Rosegarden

Listen to the Sound of the Water on the Fountains

National Gallery

At the National Gallery we will chose a new direction

Many Paths

National Gallery
Walk passed the National Gallery -it's to nice to go in

Walk in the Avenue under the Shade of the Oaktree

Get delighted by the first Agapanthus blossoms

Presidential Palace
Past the Presidential Palace

Enjoy the Crackling of the Bamboo in the Wind

Passed the Parlament

All this drenched in the sweet scent of the Jacaranda

Back into the City

Before we leave- turn around and get a last glimps
Last Glimps

And enjoy an iced coffee

For more Photos go to The Viewing Glass


Cindy said...

it looks so pretty and warm in your home town. it's quite cold here today and for the days to come.

Unknown said...

yeah finally summer is arriving here- i always feel like its been way to long again.
My parents tell me of snow and all that- the fact that i live in the Southern Hemisphere now, and go through the opposite season, still is really odd for me. And makes me aware how far away from home i am...
but at moment am all happy to be here-
summer came finally!

Mrs.French said...

yay! I loved our walk together! xo t

joAnn said...

I just noticed that you are following my blog and I am so flattered! Thanks! I'm sorry it is so lame right now. second storie is keeping me very busy right now. in 2 weeks my life will be back to normal and i can really get back to this world that i have been neglecting!
p.s. lovely photos!

aimee said...

what a fantastic tour! i feel like i was there, walking right along with you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these fabulous photos, Asiye. One of the great pleasures of reading blogs for me is getting glimpses into parts of the world I have never seen before!


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