Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review of a week

Every now and then I think of structuring my week differently-often its because I want to do something new. This time I decided that I will join the Pilate's classes, that are held at our gym upstairs. So I was thinking about my past week, what I've done: I was really into taking photos and also had to do lots of administrative stuff, not that much creative stuff... but I am feeling quite inspired. I did finish the bracelet (see on my bench today) will photograph and post about it tomorrow.

Around the Waterfront
Around the Waterfront

Around the City
Around the City


I also thought I will try and bring a wee bit more structure into my blogs... so on the Viewing Glass I have been doing the photo of the day. It's actually makes me really think about photographing. And I try  to carry my camera with me all the time.
I am not sure what I should change about l'atelier yet - and if I want to do a more regular themed blog. One thing I want to definitely start doing is to feature other Artists and Crafters on my blog. Not sure yet in what format I shall do it... but I so enjoy your blogs and I would like to have more interactions with many of them - well we will see what comes from it
Hope your week was great so far


Charlotte Tollstén said...

So you live downstairs a gym?
I think a will take up yoga after xmas, I miss it. Never tried pilates yet.

My week is great so far Today I will finish a necklace for a friend who turns 40 on Saturday. And yes it will be a big party to!

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Ahm yes- sort of , we have a gym and a pool on the roof of my building, for use of residents and the hotelguests. Well, I guess I do live downstairs a gym!
B'day party? Hope you will post some photos on your blog- of neckless and party ;)


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