Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lovely Tuesday


I had a wonderful day today. I got up at sunrise, did bits and pieces in the morning, then read up on my favorites blogs, did some research, went to Company Gardens on a photo session, had a nice coffee, went to see friends and then to a exhibition... so been quite busy, and am all smiles now. I will post about my little photo walk tomorrow.
Something I saw from my window today- and found very amusing:

Police Presence
That's what I call Police Presence!

As promised here are the photos of the finished earrings:


I took inspiration from this:

I love the mussels and wanted to do some earrings using them as a theme...

DSCN2847 DSCN2856
They are handforged and handpieced Sterling Silver with facetted Turmalin. I did polish the one piece in mattsatin the others are in a highshine.


Cindy said...

thank you for visiting us - your jewelry is beautiful and it's nice to see your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful earrings. I find it really inspirational seeing where you get your inspiration from, and how you translate that into your work.


The earrings are beautiful. I like the different textures and it's interesting to see where the inspiration came from.


I think my comment got lost in between logging in and coming back here...
I did want to say I loved the different textures and that it was great to see where your inspiration came from.
Beautiful earrings!


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