Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Week

After my last post I got into a bit of a slump- I was stressed, tired and  felt really negative about my jewellery- so I just packed anything to do with jewellery up and put it away. Then I spring cleaned my entire apartment. A clean start! By chance I ended up being invited nearly every day  by different friends- so I spent the week socialising on the on hand but on the other, centering myself. I was reading, reflecting and meditating a lot.
By Thursday I was really well, calm and content. 
My hibernation week brought healing and rejuvenating but it also enabled some new things to
  • Want to learn more about photography- as example how do you make good rain photos or food pictures?
  • Learn to bake- will bake once a week (hopefully)
  • Got back into studying 
  • Drawing again
  • Want to go on a (personal) trip with O (who is still away)

Last Week in photos:

It started off alright- sunshine and all


but then the black Southeasterly came


suddenly we were thrust back into winter again-
my heart felt like a huge black cloud was hanging over it

but then slowely


slowely it cleared up again


Yesterday evening I finally felt ready to take out my jewellery again.
Will post the finished Earrings later
Have a fabulous Monday!

PS: I am sorry I didn't stop by any of your blogs for most of last week- I am busy reading all of them up now- It sooo much fun :)


aimee said...

it's interesting how that process works - i find creative slumps to be so awful to go through - they eat away at my confidence and my desire to create - but nearly always it means that i'm ready for a change, and that change takes me on to something new. then all of a sudden, i'm at the beginning of something exciting, totally refreshed. can't wait to see your new earrings; i bet they're gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we just need time to rest and find your energy in other sources - and than the creative spring comes back :)
I am looking forward to the new earrings.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that I stopped making my own art was that I found the creative cycle - or at least the slumps in it - too hard to cope with. I really admire your ability to work through this slump so quickly, and bounce back full of new ideas.

Unknown said...

Thanks you all for the kind words.Its the exact thing i need to hear :)


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