Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Signs of Spring and the 2. Blog

Oak tree

Oak trees are the best indication for the seasons, when they have their first leaves on it the beginning of spring and when their leaves start to change colours and fall you know autumn has arrived. I used to do all my gardening according to the oak trees. And looking at this photo- spring is truly here now! It would be time to plant out those tomatoes in Cape Town.
The oak tree is special here in that they were brought as seed on the Dutch ships and planted by the first European settler. When I first heard that I found it very odd-is that what you would carry all the way from Europe? I would have carried seeds for vegetables ( ahm have done that) 
Then I thought well maybe it was for Timber- but why take a slow growing tree like oak- when there is mahogany growing round this area- or one could plant pines, which is what they did. We have whole pine Forest in the Cape that were planted by the Settlers. But there aren't any Oak forests. The oak trees are planted on the Avenues that lead to Estates, or in look out points.... and sometimes when I feel a bit homesick I go to one of the old estates that is now a museum and sit under the oak trees and reflect. They have a beautiful presence and peaceful feel. Might that be why they brought them? Do you know?
I know I threatened you with more photos of flowers- but I came to my senses. I put them onto another blog- my second blog! I cant believe that I withing 6month of starting to blog managed to start a second one ! BUT- it will be a photo blog. Some notes on my inspiration and thought- very little written, and the best photo will be featured here- and for the ones who are interested there will be a link to the other photos. I thought it was a good compromise. What do you think? 
I called it The Viewing Glass


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