Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been tagged!!


To my absolute surprise I got tagged. Avant-Garde has tagged me. If you haven't discovered her blog yet - you should visit it. I love looking at her very stylish interior discoveries, most of her posts make me want to redecorate my flat or go and by one of this unique pieces. The objects of beauty really inspire me. When I saw that I was tagged I found it very nerve racking but also honoured that someone, who's blog I love, finds mine interesting. When I read her tagged post it showed me an other side to her and i really enjoyed it, and as she put it its actually really fun.
First I have to bare 6 details about myself:

  1. I am an insomniac. Partly because I've always found falling asleep very hard- but also because I don't really like sleeping! My excuse for this is that I am most creative between 10pm - 3am by nature- so sleeping would mean I miss my creative spell. But then the lack of sleep means that I am often moody in the morning...
  2. I love cooking and good food. I used to pretend that I don't even know how to, because I thought I would end up as a desperate housewife...I got caught out when I worked as a sous-chef to A.J., a young chef, who had worked for the Bristol and e bulli (number one restaurant in 2007 in world)
  3. I love electrical/technical toys (as my husband calls them). Find it exciting to look at my friends new digital camera and find out what it can do. More so I am the one in the family who sets up the stereos, computers, Internet... gimme something technical and i am happy :).
  4. I always loved travelling. And still now we are settled, i still feel the nomad-bug. My dream always was to just have a tiny flat somewhere,for my books really, and spent most of the year as a nomad. But I don't like living in flat places, I need some mountains around me. And even then I still (after 10 years!) get homesick. I still miss Heidi land, well the little things- and I know there isn't anywhere like home... but then who wants to stay home?
  5. I speak 5 languages- even though I actually am really not linguistically talented. It was pure luck- or destiny? I am brought up bilingual, because of parents, then had to learn french and German in school, and even though i never was going to learn English ( ahm i really didn't like it) i had to do so in Uni, because I studied chemistry. - which my husband is very grateful for, since he only speaks English and Afrikaans and is like me not that linguistically talented.
  6. I am really obsessive. And while in my teens i tried to fight that, now i completely indulge in it. its so nice to dive into something, enjoy every detail of it and feel it in every fibre of my beeing. I often direct it into my jewellery now. but i also get obsessed about small odd things- like working out how to do something- and until i've done that i can't sleep (1. point......) My obsessions come and go, and last very different times, some just one week others 6months or a year, and some reemerge over time again and again.
Well that's few bit about me. Next i have to tag 6 others. this proved very difficult, because even though i first thought six are so many, when i thought about it i came up with 9 of them... an it took me ages to cut it down to 6. I am hoping that they will get tagged somehow through one of those 6 and i can read about them.
in alphabetical order the are
Now for the rules: link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, tag 6 others and leave a comment on their wall to let them know that they were tagged, tell 6 details about yourself.

Well that's it! I've done it!
But then I still feel horrid about the other blogs. And I decided I will mention them if they aren't tagged in next week. Hope you will enjoy discovering those blogs as much as I did and looking forward to reading the tagged posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! It is a bit of a double edged sword, isn't it - really flattering to receive but then so hard to pass on!

And 5 languages - that is seriously impressive!

avant garde design said...

thanks for all of your kind comments. loved reading a bit more about you and your life. i know, i've never liked "chain letters" because you feel obligated, but these tags were pretty fun, I must admit. have a great weekend!


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