Tuesday, October 7, 2008



Photo was taken in Kirstenbosch on Sunday, 5th of October 2008

I love the colours on this photo. Isn't the sky amazing?
It really looks like that- I didn't photoshop or manipulate this picture in anyway.
Its amazing how the light changes with seasons, but also with latitude. We very south- next stop south is the South Pole! The light is much brighter and harsher than in Europe, missing the beautiful yellow that it has in the Mediterranean. But we are blessed with an incredibly fake looking sky!
This photo is of a Pincushion Protea, they are several different kinds of them here. I am sure the name Pincushion is not exactly the Botanical name- its a common name due to its appearances
I find Proteas really amazing- they like aliens to me,- having been brought up in Heidiland around Edelweiss ;) - or more like birds or something - can you see the pins? They ends feel like feathers or fur. Ah and look at those colours -like candy!

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