Monday, October 13, 2008


I went up to the Silvermine Reserve with my friend N. We wanted to go to take some photos -she wanted to try out her really cool new little snapshot digital, and I have been craving being out in the fields and taking photos for inspiration. The last time we went there I was in my flip flops- since we were just going there to sketch a little... we ended up walking for nearly 10km- and since then I tease her about it because  she had the map and kept on ensuring me we on the right walk which was supposed to be only around 2km, as I said I was wearing flip- flops... and after walking, stopping and sketching, taking photos, me asking are you sure we are on the right path? she reassuring me, walking lots more... we ended up at the bottom of the valley which left us to walk up on the tar road for 30mins, and me not being very impressed. ( I do have to admit it did leave me with amazing photos)

So this time I decided that we were going a different route,  I had packed in a  pair of decent shoes (since going for a short walk with N. is always a hike in my flip flops) and I took charge of directions. We discovered this amazing walk- and on top of the mountain we had the most amazing view seeing two oceans and several ports- it was truly rewarding. But the best thing was that we found our way back without getting lost in the fynbos. I had bought a really good map of the reserve, but I forgot it at home, so it was all up to my gut feeling. N. kept on threatening me how I would get on the wall of shame, if I would be wrong. But (lucky me!) I got it wright- and we both agreed we would come back soon and walk this route again, to see how the landscape changes over the seasons. 
I am into shadows and flower shapes at the moment. I also find the change of seasons very interesting, and love discovering the differences of plants, insects and animals but also the light and the colours.

If you would like to see more photos you can see do so at The Viewing Glass.

I haven't been very active on my blog or on my bench. Had visitors from home over here, so was busy entertaining, which was wonderful! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! these photographs are so beautiful! they are so peaceful and settling, do you take them yourself?


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