Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earrings, lazyness and a streak of bad luck

I am blogging at 14.oo! The weather is lovely, warm sunny, just a few clouds dotted here and there over the sky, my window is open and I can hear the mumbled voices of happy children from Company Gardens across the road... But I just had to stop. I can't believe my bad luck- not again! Since yesterday afternoon its been a rather testing time on the bench for me. 
Ahm let me start at the beginning- yesterday, as I promised myself I got onto the bench- well eventually after hanging about my apartment in my pj's reading a German magazine i bought the day before. When I was about to start making jewellery I decided to go to one of my suppliers to check for yellow jade, I personally was never happy with my solution of replacing it with a citrin. I found some - which was really great, ended up looking at tons of other stuff, getting caught up in shadows rather than concentrating on my current range. As I was about to pay my supplier told me that her overseas supplier is putting prices up- I was surprised she would tell me- and I asked how much. 
She said:" well a staggering 18%!" -" not too bad "I replied
"Well- yes but with the euro being so high... it will be more like 34%, ... ( big pause)... I am sorry"
I let it wash over my head- walking home it kept on coming back to me 34%???? OMG, its quite allot! I will have to see how things work out in the end- no point of worrying. 
Well, I finished the earring I had started ages ago. Which is my success of the day. 



Then I started a new pair of earrings- eager to overcome my current laziness, but something went always wrong, I literally did everything twice over, and when I was nearly done- I realised it wasn't what I wanted- there you go I thought , should have sat on the Internet and blog...
I melted it all down- I love that one can do that with jewellery 
I restarted the earring, but felt rather disheartened about it- so started another pair. Things went a bit better with this pair, am nearly finished with it, just  got to polish is and assemble it, was quite pleased about that, then my luck hit me again- i could not find one main piece... was looking for it for about 30min, I decided to give up and read blogs, while I was doing that I realised that i was hungry. So I made myself a lovely lunch, tagine with couscous and salad. As I was enjoying my meal- my gaze fell upon the book my husband O. had bought me yesterday. Its a jewellery book. He phoned me late afternoon just to say hi, and had a rather bothered and distress chick on the other line. He suggested that we should go for a coffee at the Waterfront as soon as he is finished. An hour later I was whisked off , doing a bit of shopping and enjoying coffee, magazines and books.

I bought myself those sinfully expensive shoes, I had been eyeing out for ages and O. got me a really nice jewellery book

Thinking of this made me smile and I decided to get back on the bench to finish the earlier pair of earrings. 
The other piece will reappear- it just has to. 
As I was about to solder- guess what? My gas ran out!!!! 
Well, that's just my luck isn't it? Well I'm going to look at my book again, put on my new shoes, go and get some gas- and hopefully will remember that i also need to get some flux.
Enjoy your day!

Oh, I just stumbeled over the lost piece it was under my laptop (?-I know!)


Dallas Shaw said...

Looove these shoes

avant garde design said...

well done on those earings, gorgeous! and i must say those shoes are fabulous. love the heel height and the design of the front, have fun feeling all pretty in those, so pretty i'd have to wear them around the house even!

Anonymous said...

I dont mean to gain from your unfortunate series of events but that was a great read!!!!
It reminds me that we ALL have those kinds of days!
P.S. Shoes are cute!

bronwyn said...

Beautiful's great when things do go right! Love the shoes too...and I do feel for you on the price increase, unfortunately I think we are going to have to get used to a lot more of it with the Rand doing so badly at the moment:( Have a great weekend.

aimee said...

ooooh what beautiful jewelry you create! thank you so much for stopping by - how very cool to get a visit from such a talented designer in south africa!

Anonymous said...

Your jewelery really is amazing - such beautiful things you come up with again and again. But sometimes the creative process can be such a bummer, can't it! I've had really despairing moments at times, and only afterwards realised that I had to go through them to make something good on the other side.

Love the shoes btw! I hope they cheered you up!

georgia b. said...

gorgeous shoes!
sometimes you just gotta splurge on the good stuff!


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