Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I haven't been very creative lately, partly because friends from Europe were visiting, but - and isn't there always a but?- now they are gone I can't seem to get back into it either. Feel like I lost my mojo quite a bit. I can't seem to get into my Waterplay theme at all, I am so over sea urchins, starfish or ocean anything at the moment! Which would not be a great deal- except that I haven't finished my collection yet! I really got to get going and decided to take it on like a task and will finish it gradually. Starting tomorrow. I usually only work when inspired, so I hope that my pieces will be still of the same quality. I will post photos of my first new piece tomorrow.
On the positive side I should mention that I have been sketching and doodling, and am rather into my new obsession, the whole light and shadow - theme. 
Have a nice evening!

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Yoli said...

What a beautiful flower and what a lovely blog.


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