Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have been reading allot about Artisan Jewellery lately. Not that I was specifically looking for it- but I seem to stumble over it.  It seems a trend at this point in time. Which frankly is encouraging, but I  hope its not a one day fad. 
The reason why I love crafts- any kind of good quality handcrafted object- is because of its uniqueness and the love and time spent on it. When someone spends hours on a piece the result is just not comparable to mass produced goods. Even if it is not as perfect-which for a perfectionist like me is always a difficult aspect to accept- the uniqueness and quality is much higher. A handcrafted piece has a more spirit, one feels the time spent, the striving and the care when it was made. And I know no matter what trends there are- there will be always people who feel the same as me. The reason I love doing crafts is the end result- that piece that has that gravity, that quality and inspiration. I hope that the pieces I make- knitting, crochet, photographing, painting but mostly jewellery- show that love. 

I will leave you with a photo of earrings I made last week:


They are hand crafted Sterling Silver embelished with Coral and Turquoise.

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Anonymous said...

carry on, girl!
well, your comments are a bit long to read, the pictures are speaking for them self and who really cares about your insecurities, it diminishes the strength and character of your work,
ha,ha... i know you like to chat, but let your art speak for itself, it is convincing, love the water gallery of course, wish to see more of your art, so that i can show it around and can brag, that i know you,
lots of love


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