Thursday, September 4, 2008


Last summer on my expeditions to False Bay- I didnt only take photos I also collected treasures.
They were cast out by the ocean after beeing carried around for possibly miles.
I took out my little box with those treasure the other day... they are sweet little memories and I for a fraction of a minute considered to display them... but I decided to rather use them- or at least some of them in my jewellery- since the time spent on the rock pools is my inspiration.
I made a charm chain using the shell I so adore. its worn off by the water so its rough but through that its mother of pearl glistens very delicately. Just what I want my jewellery to portray!
I am afraid I don't think it comes through in the photographs...


I made the chain links all in different shapes and sizes and polished them differently too.


I also used pink coral, foam coral, amazonite and agate. love the foam coral-it has a porous  surface and its delicately patterned , I bought it last year in Switzerland. 

DSCN2006 DSCN2009


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