Saturday, August 30, 2008

Earrings and Doubts

I have been contemplating if I should give up my blog... I still feel very exhibitionistic to blog- and really funny about it. 
But then I decided not to really think of what people might think and look at it as a online journal- which this is supposed to be. I honestly know my blog is not as amazing as the ones I regularly read- they more fun, better designed, more interesting... but then I never been very competitive ;). So if there is anyone reading it great- if they like it even better. If no one does - cool I journal my ideas my inspirations and my work for myself. ( just very publicly)
At the moment I am busy with different pieces of jewellery. I have been contemplating if it is better to only make a unique piece of each design or if i should make the same design several times over... I am talking 3 to five of each design. Still thinking about it and will let you know what my decision was- if anyone out there has an opinion let me know!
I haven't blogged the earrings I have made last week. So here they are:


Very simple Silver and Turqouise Drops



Anonymous said...

You're so creative - I love seeing the jewelery that you make.

But blogging should be a pleasure for you to do, otherwise you can waste hours of your time on something that you're not enjoying. Do what makes you happy, and if that includes keeping a creative journal that happens to be online, then great!

Sofia Kemm said...

Your blog is stunning ,its my first visit here and I like the way u write, clear, no waffle and from the heart.dont forget that most of those bloggers out there have been around for ages .....Im sure thay also started out with a simple little blog and it takes time to get going and feel on top of things.I will be a regular visiter!
Best of luck


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