Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pet-hieve Chain

I finished it finally! It took me months! due to moving I might say- but honestly I (unlike my usual self) didn't think much about this piece and went about it the wrong way around which made it much more complicated! I managed to make a simple piece of jewellery, which would have taken a bit of time- really fiddly and time consuming. So I always put it aside after working on it for an hour or so, being honestly very irritated with myself- and making my mind up that I would melt it down again. But then a week or so would pass and a friend would come and tell me how nice it is. And it would be back on the table. For the first half of assembling it this was my pattern.
Then I suddenly realised that I did actually like the rough effect my fault gave the chain and I decided that I will finish it- just take my time. And I did- take my time! Now that its done- I like it but am not quite sure about it. The lesson learnt for me is: reflect and think about the piece and plan my projects well, as I usually do.

I used Smocky Quartz, Pearls, Swarovski Cristalls, Jade, Mossagat, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver.

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