Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Jewellery

I have finished another necklace:

I used Sterling Silver, forged the chain links, added Jade, Pink Coral, Foam Coral, different kinds of Agate, Tourmaline and Leather. 

I like how it came out- love the different textures and i found that it resembles my inspiration. 
I also used some of my favorite semiprecious stones Tourmaline and Foam Coral. 
Taking this photo was actually my biggest challenge! I realised that i don't find photographing jewellery difficult its the chains! Its hard to get a balance of close enough and far enough to get a feel of the piece- hence i took quite a few photos. Hope that it is visible in these photos.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The photos are great too.

virginia said...

beautiful necklace, and i found you via your comment on sarah shepard's blog.


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