Monday, June 16, 2008


Today I went for a walk on Liesbeck River. I really needed to just be out in the nature and observe and enjoy. It was cloudy, but didn't rain luckily.
Every time I spend my time observing my surroundings- I am amazed at the array of colours and forms, and feel rejuvenated and inspired. Being in Cape Town, adds a fast amount of strange and interesting plants to the occasions.This area has its own fauna completely unique in many ways and also really diverse.

Snow Bells
Lovely Snowbells are out now. I love their delicatness and shortlivedness- it makes them precious.

Strelitiza or Bird of Paradise
Even though this are not unusual around here- I always discover something else about them- and they capture my attention. Well I suppose no matter how long I lived in Cape Town- I still am a girl from Heidiland.

Bees View
A close up of a Camelia Bush. They aren't indigenous to South Africa, but very pretty.


Need I say more? There are hundreds of different kinds and they are indigenous only to Southern Africa.

Even the dead Flowers look beautiful!

Trees and Grasses

Liesbeck River
And last but not least...
You remember my obsession with Water, Reflections and Movement? I still got it. Here is a photo of the River.


Skylark said...

Lovely. I especially liked your photo of the snowbells and the spillway on the river. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

Salama said...

What a beautiful present on my birthday to be able to share your fantastic photos, better than a card! Amazed you picked up on the day! Congratulations on having your own blog! Warm greetings from Chicago USA!


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