Monday, July 7, 2008

Knitting again!

Last Saturday I finally managed to go to the Wool Shop! But it was 20minutes before their closing time and my husband was waiting outside in the car. The idea was to get more yarn so I could finish my Ocean Throw... but I forgot my chart with the colours at home. Having 17 different shades in it meant I didn't even attempt to find the right ones! Instead I found this lovely hand spun wool, the last skein available so I just bought it and stashed it- very unlike me! 


I've been tempted to do a clapotis on Ravelry i quickly looked for wool for it and ended up with the Rowan Tapestry SH 174. Got two skeins. 

Rowan Tapestry

Yesterday I was looking thought Ravelry, checking out other peoples clapotis projects- there were a few done with the same kind of wool, different shades, and I didn't like the way it looked. Its somehow to regularly stripped. I did a little gauge sample and discovered that its rather "fury" and since the clapotis drops stitches as part of the design i decided to look for a different pattern. I wanted something soft, textured that brings out the colour changes and found the Entrelac pattern. Again I checked if anyone used Tapestry to make it and one lovely scarf was being made in America. It was a different shade than mine- but it looked like I was hoping it would. And the knitter commented on the pattern, saying it was very well described. 
That's just what I need!, I thought. And downloaded the lovely pattern, and started immediately.
After casting on i got in this sudden state of utter panic- i haven't done any knitting in at least 5 or 6 years! And I have never follow a pattern in English! Last time I followed a pattern was in school ( I think)- well a live time away!!!
But the pattern is so well explained I quickly got over my panic and am now doing the pattern nearly  without having to check on the pattern- only the two side triangles still make me a bit nervous so check for those. 

The patter is by Laura Spradlin and you can find it on Suger Bunny Boulevard

I will keep you posted on my progress.


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. It's funny, how we buy yarn with one project in mind and than make a shift towards something completely different :)
Enjoy your knitting.

Anonymous said...

Stunning colours!


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