Monday, March 19, 2012

Review of my week(s)


Somehow life has been tumbled upside down and inside out and I have been just holding on to survive the roller coaster.
I have been absent for several reasons- a problem with my computer..small one and it's solved, lots of sadness due to several death in my circle of friends, lots of work, which is going alright after encountering several problems and nearly giving up... so.... I decided that I need to get away - grabbed my friend Z and went off to Langebaan Lagoon. Which was exactly what I needed, being on the road, swimming in the ocean, enjoying good company and re-centering myself. Came home feeling ready to tackle the world again- and got promptly sick.
Ha! fun!
I have (mostly) recovered from my stomach-bug-flu-thing - started thinking about having coffee again and have no fever.
When I looked through my photos of last week I found that this one hits the nail on the head! It's my life last week. Literally and symbolically. Fog clouding the sun but hopefully clearing soon
Hence I chose it as my photo of week 11. For more photos of my 52/2012 project visit here.
I will be back later in the week with more snaps of my trip, details about my newest project and some monochrome love.
Happy Monday!


Cindy said...

all we can hope is that you are off that roller coaster now with feet planted on firm ground. i'm sorry life has been so tough and that's all i can say as far as making it better. be good to yourself. xo, c

magnusmog said...

Glad to hear the time away helped to slow down the rollercoaster. Here's hoping for more sunshine in the weeks ahead.


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