Friday, January 6, 2012


If there would be three place you could visit in 2012, which ones would you chose?

I would choose Paris, New York...and wavering between Mumbai, South Pacific, Sardinia, Marrakesh, Patagonia... oh so many places..3 is a mighty small number actually.   (Note: Heidiland doesn't count as a destination because going home does not count as traveling)

Realistically I am hoping to visit Paris sometime in the next couple of years... it's been a long time since my last visit    {and I am saving for a trip to New York--it's called positive thinking}

Well..let's see what 2012 brings...


Cindy said...

you can do it! i would visit maine, italy and california! enjoy your weekend!

Kristina said...

Three places? I'm not interested in USA or Pariz, but Spain, Ireland and Australia or maybe New Zealand. Oh, and Island would be nice.


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