Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Babymoon KAL

I did it again... I cast on another shawl... and yes I cast on before finishing those socks- again. BUT for my defense I should say I committed to this first before deciding I should finish all my unfinished knitting projects... Because this is a Nurturing Fibres Babymoon Knit-a-long... the idea was that we all cast on after Carle had her baby boy and we knit anything we desire with Nurturing Fibres Wool.
I naturally ended up choosing a shawl - really I am getting very predictable aren't I? More details can be found on my project page.

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Unknown said...

the new banner is great!

Cindy said...

i agree with line, the new banner is fantastic!

nathalie et cetera said...

ah well, might as well do what we feel like doing instead of forcing socks on ourselves :)


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