Monday, November 14, 2011


Review of my Week

Last week I noticed that to my utter shock I had no obsession for months- no creative ones anyhow... well, I also haven't been very productive for the last 3 months. Sure I have been knitting a bit here and there, but I done no sketching, no jewellery design and not even much photography.
So I have been thinking on my may walks along the Promenade what the reason could be....

It has been a rather taxing time for me- lots of social engagements and evens attended and organised, a miscarriage and being rather sick took their toll on me physically but also emotionally. In fact much more than I would care to admit. And my recovery of it all took what seems a life time.
Pondering upon those months I also noticed my lack of creativity-- and promptly started questioning my abilities in this field... at this I am still grinning- since I think that it is a sign that I am back to being my good old self again. And I think that isn't too bad, actually.
So was it just the difficulties that blocked me? Honestly , I don't think so, because usually I find solace in being creative. While I do thin that it certainly didn't help me- I am aware that there were other issues too...namely I feel creatively scattered-- Being a jack of all trades has gotten to me. And while thinking on what I should focus-- I seem to be unable to do things.
There I found myself blocked by myself again- not really sure how to get our of this rut... and then I stumbled upon this book at The Book Lounge on Saturday-- oh it is so wonderful so inspiring so-{sigh}... just amazing and on top of my wish list!-- and I realised that that's it! All I really want is to make beautiful things- be an Artisan, do the best I can do, learn and discover while doing it!

So I set myself back on this discovery journey of creativity - and suddenly I am thinking of things to do and planing new projects...but I do still wonder: Is it possible to somehow bring those different aspects of my creative doings together under one umbrella? Or is it possible to be this diverse Artisan and still be of interest to others?
I guess this is the food of my thoughts for this weeks--- since those questions got me started on pondering about my blog....should it be more structured or limited? Meaning should I blog only about a certain things on a certain day? Or chose one subject and just blog about that? ...Oh there are so many question in my head now - I shall ponder over them on my walk...

So tell me..... what do you think?


painted fish studio said...

i'm sorry the last few months have been rough -- i'm happy that you are feeling better! sometimes one needs a break, even from creativity: i always appreciate creative time more after a break!

i jump around with my creative doings, and i say: do what you love! it doesn't have to be one thing, or one thing each day. as long as you are being creative, and you're happy, show us everything you're working on! :)

Cindy said...

i'm so sorry about the tough times you've had recently, especially your miscarriage. i wouldn't have known you were feeling creatively spent because your photos and knitting are as beautiful as ever. but, now that you mention it, you haven't done much jewelry. i suppose it takes a lot of effort to work with metals and stones.

i've always liked to do a few different creative things, but lately it's mostly photography. i'm asking similar questions as you and feeling i want to change up our blog entirely, but not sure to what. and, i'd like to get back to some sewing.

whatever you do, we enjoy you and will love to see it. xo, c


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