Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Shawl #10

Another finished Project this week.

Pattern: Andrea's Shawl by Kirsten Kapur
Wool: Elements Club 2011 Fire by Nurturing Fibres
Needles: 4mm
more details here

I really love the pattern, its really easy and so very effective. I would however do the large shawl - was worried I wouldn't have enough yarn so opted for the medium size.
The yarn- {oh the yarn! are there words for that colourway?} - is just exquisite! This club came as two self striping colourways.  Carle dyed them inspired by a wood fire - so one colour way is the reds of the flames and the other the glow of the coals. Just genius!
This my 10th Shawl in 2011 - still busy with the border of my 11th. I have to say that the progress is rather slow..and I am considering putting it aside for a bit and knitting something else....
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trudi@maudeandme said...

Love those colourways too. Looks beautiful in the shawl.

Casey said...

beautiful shawl!

Julie said...

wow, that shawl is simply stunning!! I love the colours.

Cindy said...

it is fabulous. i love the colors and the pretty edge. you are so good!

Iziko said...

Love it!!

Anairam said...

10 shawlsT! That is fantastic! Do you sell them or do you wear them all yourself? I am beginning to appreciate the importance of working with good materials (whether paper, wool, fabric, paints, etc.) - it makes such a difference to the finished project. When I experiment (which is most of the time) I feel I simply can't waste the good stuff. But then, if it turns out okay and I like it, I want to kick myself for not having started with better 'ingredients'!

nathalie et cetera said...

i just love the colors! very beautiful!

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

the colors are very very well chosen, and i LOVE that shawl (usually i'm with solid colors but this is said from the bottom of my heart) congratulations on another beautiful piece of art !


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