Thursday, August 4, 2011

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While I have been editing my nearly 2.5 thousand photos, doing my travel journal and sketching new jewellery I needed a 'brainless' but fun knitting project. The choice was Andrea's Shawl, the only bit one has to concentrate was the edge and that was done in two evenings watching Luther. Now I am enjoying the unfolding of the Noro Colours.

Around 1 1/2 years ago I had seen many gorgeous project on Ravelry and was very keen to get my hands on a ball of that magical yarn. I did buy one (Silk Garden Sock Colourway :S264 [Fall 2008]) in Switzerland. But was a bit disappointed with the yarn quality- it was a bit bitty and rather nylony. (I should mention I have been extremely spoiled by Nurturing Fibres hand dyed super washmerino sock wool - it is just so soft has great drape and knits up a beautifully) So it ended up in my then newly acquired stash basket. And was forgotten.
My stash basket in the meantime got fuller and fuller until a few month ago- it had no more space. My yarn buying exceeded my yarn usage buy thousands... so I decided to slow down on the buying and knit as many projects from my stash basket as possible.
By the way, the natural coloured fingering yarn is from Nurturing Fibres and was also in my stash.

Now that I am knitting with the Noro I can totally see what the hype is all about! The colours are totally amazing. Watching the colours change row after row is so exciting!!
I love it so much I might even buy another colour way some time in the future....

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lamina @ do a bit said...

Looks like it's going to look really amazing... love those Noro colours :)

Anna Bartlett said...

Lovely colours - I can see why you're smitten!

Julie said...

It looks so beautiful already!! love the colours you've chosen.

Cindy said...

i love your take on a 'brainless' activity. looks great. hope your weekend is too!


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